Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a clinic appointment?

You can make an appointment by clicking here or by contacting the secretary.

How do I book endoscopy procedures?

For booking or enquiring about the endoscopy procedure, please contact the secretary.

Where can I get information on bowel preparation?

Please click below to get detailed information about bowel preparation for colonoscopy depending on what time of the day your appointment is.
For morning appointment use this document.
For afternoon appointment use this document.

How can I get results of my investigations including endoscopy?

A copy of the endoscopy results would have been given to you by the hospital staff before your discharge on the day of the endoscopy. If not, then contact the secretary. For blood test and scan results - these are carried out in a different department. Once you had the scan or blood test, let the secretary know and she can chase them up for you. Please note that some tests which are sampled for at the GP surgery may not be accessible to us.

I am on anticoagulants medication/blood thinners

Please contact the endoscopy department at the hospital where you are having the endoscopy for further instructions on these medications.

How do I leave feedback for the service I received?

If you wish to leave any feedback on the service received please contact the secretary.


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